Minggu, 14 April 2013

Lingerie Review of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s

In this outfit post with customer lingerie review video embedded below I'm male-modeling an opaque pair of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties in Peach, size 5. I've paired this lovely pair of retro satin pinup panties with a dressyBlu Sage Black Sequin Chiffon Top having a round neck and batwing sleeves from JCPenney.
      These are some of the slightly more high end briefs I've reviewed so far although they are still relatively inexpensive compared to some other high-end lingerie fashion brands like Agent Provocateur. They cost me $28 per pair plus tax, shipping and handling and are well worth the price from my own personal point of view. I initially ordered two pairs, but was so delighted with the feminine look, full cut and wonderful feel of these panties that I ordered and received three more pairs in peach. I find them to be delightful to look at and to wear. There are two tags inside the briefs. One tag reads: 
"100% Nylon Excl of trim  
Hand wash cold    
Do not bleach   
Line dry  
No iron  
Made in U.S.A."
The other tag reads "Dollhouse Vintage TM"

This photo of the pretty satin bow and two gorgeous vertical lace insets that run from the waistband to top front of the left leg hole of the panty doesn't really do it justice but I never post front views of myself male-modeling panties - so here's a phot of the briefs by themselves. 

The following lingerie review video of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties was a second take. The first take had poor lighting and was perhaps over-exuberant in declaring these briefs to be the "perfect panty". This second take was less wordy, shorter, and had better lighting than my first attempt at a customer video review of these high-waist briefs but unfortunately the camera was aimed too low so my head was out of the picture a lot. I also forgot to say anything about the black round neck batwing sleeve sequin top that I had paired with the high-waisted satin briefs I was reviewing in the video. 
     Since it's taken way too long for me to get around to making a third attempt I decided to just go ahead and upload the second take instead of trying again. I was also discouraged by an email from YouTube. Haters have been false-flagging videos I made OVER THREE YEARS AGO! It's such a shame that YouTube lets haters and trolls have such influence. If it continues maybe they should re-name it "TrollTube". 
      Here it is (finally) - a long promised video of my outfit of the day featuring Dollhouse Bettie and Blu Sage, or more accurately outfit of the month (OOTM instead of OOTD):